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I'm Ashley , from Fort Worth Texas, and I am completely flattered that you have chosen me to assist you on this journey to a healthier life..
Losing weight & getting our health back on track maybe one of the most difficult & frustrating journeys we ever encounter : And one thing that often makes reaching our goal seem even more difficult is the idea of facing it alone.
That's where I come in! It is My mission for you to succeed!
I will be here to offer encouragement, tips, answer any questions , or advise you the best I can...I genuinely love people & thrive off of the glorious feeling that fills my heart & soul when I am able to help someone change their life .
So many people that have been battling weightloss for years, & have nearly given up on anything ever working for them , have decided to take that one last leap of faith & give Skinny Fiber a shot.....to join the thousands of others in the challenge...And let me tell you , I cannot even put in words how great it feels, every single day,now, to receive emails, private messages on facebook , and comments in my support group from these people thanking me for helping them;
for sharing the real testimonies on facebook that inspired them to go ahead & give it one last shot...Because Skinny Fiber has turned out to be 'IT'...The weightloss product they had been searching for , some dreaming of for so long!!
I LOVE IT!!! I am so proud to be a part of this company!
Most people are losing with no exercise involved , ..Simply take the Skinny Fiber consistently , 2 capsules 2 times a day , before your largest meals, with water...and drink plenty of water throughout the day...
As the picture shows , my whole family has had tremendous success with Skinny Fiber , to date having a combined loss of 332 pounds in 10 months..not to mention all the other amazing health benefits we have had since starting Skinny Fiber.
I Promote Skinny Fiber because I am passionate about the product & the lives it is able to change has just really touched me..It is an amazing product ,& Skinny Body Care is an AMAZING Company.. I Feel God has truly blessed my family for bringing it in our life, and I Hope soon you will share this passion with me !

Congratulations again for taking the first step to changing your life! I look forward to connecting with you soon!..
Sincerely ,

*Please join my Free weightloss Support Group (Closed group) https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSkinnyCowgirl/
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Ashley Luper Stults
Phone: 817-751-2716
Email: isellskinnyfiber@gmail.com
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